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Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Express Mechanical Cleaning Services specializes in Restaurant Kitchen Sanitation.  We will clean your exhaust hood system and deep clean your kitchen!

  • The kitchen ventilation system is just as crucial to the safety and functioning of a commercial kitchen as the cooking appliances. The ventilation system retains a balance between air that is taken away and fresh air that is returned to the kitchen. In addition, it offers a built-in fire suppression ability that helps ensure the safety of everyone in the work space.

  • The intention of any kitchen ventilation system is to take away grease, fumes and other cooking outcomes in the air by pulling them out through an exhaust fan. Immediately after contaminates are removed from the kitchen, fresh air from outside comes back inside.  This is why Cleaning your hoods periodically is so important, to prevent clogging of the extractor.  Clogging restricts airflow, which can lead to the fan getting overheated. This can cause fire hazards.

  • Not only that, but the average cost of commercial hood installation ranges from $964 to $1174 per linear foot. Most commercial hoods are about 10-14 feet long. You can expect to pay about $12,826 for the professional installation of a 12-foot long kitchen exhaust hood.  Regular cleaning can prevent the possible need for a new exhaust system.

  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning (often referred to as hood cleaning) is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens.

  • The significant parts of the exhaust system include: The fan. Duct work. Exhaust hood

In order to ensure that your system is not at risk for a grease fire, you have to make sure that you clean your kitchen hood exhaust system to fire code standards regularly. To remain in compliance with your insurance company, health departments, and fire inspectors, your exhaust system must be consistently inspected and cleaned. The amount of cleaning required depends on how busy your type of business is. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Systems serving high-volume cooking operations, such as charbroiling, wok cooking, or 24-hour cooking – MONTHLY SERVICE.

  • Systems serving medium-volume cooking operations, such as fast food or delivery establishments – QUARTERLY SERVICE.

  • Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as school or nursing home cafeterias – SEMIANNUAL SERVICE.

  • Systems serving extremely low-volume cooking operations, such as day camps, seasonal businesses, or churches – ANNUAL SERVICE.

Deep cleaning is a necessary practice to prevent grease buildup in other areas of the kitchen.  Said buildup can lead to all kinds of hazards, including but not limited to:

  • Clogging the airflow of fryers, ranges, and ovens.

  • Creating a fire hazard that would not be so simple to put out should something happen.

  • Coating the floor causing a very dangerous slipping hazard.

  • Buildup on the floor can also lead to a sticking hazard.

  • Transferring and holding heat from cooking, creating a burning hazard while on the job.

We recommend utilizing our deep clean service about as often as our hood cleaning, as grease can get everywhere very easily.  In addition to the reasons listed above, keeping a clean kitchen is crucial to passing health inspections, which happen with little to no notice at all!  Not only that, but neglecting your deep cleaning needs can attract pests which lead to immediate shutdowns.  Contact us today for a free inspection and quote!

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